Property Valuation

Considering a property in Ernakulam? The first thing one must consider before buying or selling a property is its worth. We ensure that your hard-earned money is invested in the best place where you can reap maximum benefits from it. Our property advisers will help you evaluate the property's price and get you the best deal.

Tenant Screening

Renting can be risky sometimes when you know nothing about your future customer or prospect. But thanks to our tenant screening system, we not just check tenants' backgrounds but also look up the tenant's financial history to ensure you get your rent right on time!

Rental Services

From posting your rental ads to scouting for the right tenant, conducting extensive background checks, site inspections, and key handling, we offer you complete rental services – cost-effective and worry-free.We also provide special rental and site maintenance services for NRI clients as well.

Contracts and Agreements

We offer online services for drafting, stamping papers, and creating contracts and agreements for your property. For first-time buyers or sellers, we handhold you through the entire process to make your buying/selling process hassle-free.

Site Visits

As one of Kerala's most trusted real estate dealers, we are adept at arranging site visits and coordinating them with your customers. We do everything from fixing the documentation and negotiating the price to resolving the deal to your satisfaction.

Property Advise

Our aim to not just to show our customers the right property but to educate them on property matters. Our experts provide our clients with market insights and transparent advice on their property to make the process of buying or selling a smooth sail.

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Looking For a Property? is Your trusted real estate Partner for all your buying, selling, or renting needs. If you have a property in Ernakulam you wish to rent or sell or are looking for advice to invest, Get in touch with our experts right now!

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As our name implies, we are always prepared to assist you in selling your property in Kochi, whether it be a flat, villa, commercial space, or land. As a reputable real estate company, we can help you sell your property quickly and profitably thanks to our in-depth understanding of the current real estate market.


Our team can help you through every step of the procedure and can provide advice and information along the way, thanks to our extensive experience. Additionally, we provide step-by-step instructions on all current real estate procedures if you have previously purchased property.


Whether you are an NRI or a citizen of India, all you need is our rent management service to get your property rented instantly. We have six years of experience helping individuals rent their homes, so we have a lot of knowledge on how to rent houses profitably.

Buyer Resources


A Home is what defines you and your family. It represents your emotions and identity. Purchasing a home is a lifetime decision that must be taken deliberately. Only a real estate specialist with the right industry experience can make this journey a cakewalk for you.

Our team at R2SRealtors, Ernakulam have thorough knowledge about the ins and outs of the industry and are adept at offering you the best advice on the property in Ernakulam you intend to buy. We start with understanding your budget, the locality you are looking for, the type of homes you like, and more to find the right fit. If you looking a property in Ernakulam? then you are in the right place.

Once you have finalized your dream home/property, our agents help you negotiate the price and find the best deal especially Property in Ernakulam. We also offer financing and documentation support to provide a hassle-free experience.We understand what your hard-earned means to you. So, choose your property in Ernakulam and leave your worries to us.

Seller Resources


It takes a formidable chunk of your hard-earned money to buy a property, whereas selling is a greater financial risk and an emotional decision that requires much planning. At, we understand the value of your property. To understand the true value, you must have a grasp of the market to get the maximum gain. We ensure that your property is listed on the best website to attract the right prospective clients.Our agents negotiate for you the best deal and ensure that your property gives you the best returns you deserve.

At, we offer personalized services to individuals, families, businesses, investors, and developers. We ensure complete transparency in all our processes to provide a quality experience. We have a team of trained experts who ensure you get the best investment returns.

If you Have a Villa, Flat, Land, or Commercial property in Ernakulam to sell – is the place to be.

Rent your Home


Finding the right tenant and looking after your property’s emergency maintenance and repairs can be tedious for some. Owing a property in Ernakulam, that you wish to rent or lease is a lifelong source of investment. It can help you mitigate the occasional financial challenges and allows you to earn even while you sleep. But are you ready for the challenges which come along with it? is your trusted property advisor that provides transparent property management services for renting or leasing your homes. From finding the right tenant, site inspections, and drafting contracts or agreements to settling your tenant into your home, we undertake every responsibility flawlessly. We conduct rigorous background checks and credit checks on every tenant we recommend.

Our property inspectors also conduct regular checks on your property to lessen the burden of any unavoidable repairs.


Our Special Services

  • Services to overseas customers.
  • Conduct mandatory rigorous document checks.
  • Consult accountants and lawyers.
  • Send the papers safely to the customers.
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